Lady Juna

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Time to heat up my travel fund once again, paypig! Two more holidays are booked! The current temperatures are tropical, but they do not ensure the desired success. But that’s what you are here for anyway and we both know that it makes your cock hard in nanoseconds, if you can pay me! And do you know why? A tiny little bit of my attention makes you sweat even in the coldest winter. And that's what you need ... Do not forget that, miserable bootlicker. When I travel, I expect only the best! I love the sea, mountains, nature and of course shopping too! Especially for this I have my own cash register, which will mercilessly drive your account into the red. I want variety in the wardrobe! In Zurich I buy, for example, i buy a neat watch because I always want be informed before I let your piece of meat smell some fresh the air prematurely. Finally, after a long shopping trip, I enjoy being pampered in the luxury spa with a 5-course menu. I want a luxury vacation, in which my wishes are read from my eyes. And you will make sure that your bills make enough wind while wagging! You're wondering if it turns me on? Oh yes! I get exceptionally horny when i exploit you no matter which way. Cheap last minute cheap holidays, camping on the campsite? That may be good enough for you, slave cattle! What? You have no money? Do I look like as i would care? You want to be a real pay pig? Then just shut up and buy this clip! You are not worth more anyway.