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Your wife and your boss
Your wife and your boss

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So, ain’t you surprised that your boss is particularly friendly since the last company party, even though the third warning is already on your desk. Since then, you have not had any employee talks and even your bitch wife has been hired as Deputy Managing Director within a very short time. As personal assistant and "right hand" mind you. Did you not wonder why this change of mind of your boss? I mean, you may not put your dick into your wife for quite a while now, because you just do not bring it and sooner or later she would have been looking for a real man anyway. Nobody could have guessed that she now “supports” your boss properly during worktime. But look at it ... Your boss is attractive, good looking, potent ... and you surely want to give her the opportunity to finally be roughly pounded, right? And if you get along well with both of them, maybe you can keep your job for a while. Unthinkable for someone who can only define himself over his paycheck when he lands on the street overnight. What would you have left? Job gone, woman gone and that i’m only interested in your money, you should have realized by now as well. More details? Then buy the clip and listen up.